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By focusing on creating an inspiring garden, they grow something permanent around themselves. As the garden grows, the butterflies come. As time goes by you find that the effort required to manage the garden falls as the number of butterflies rises. In fact, the butterflies, birds and bees end up pollinating your garden for you. You don’t fear butterflies leaving, as there are always more coming.

If anyone takes your butterflies away, there will be more the next day.

Every successful wealth creator is focused entirely on building their wealth foundation rather than their money making activities. They build a reputation, a powerful network, a knowledge base, a resource base and a track record. This is their garden, and it’s build not around their expertise, but around their passion, their path and their purpose. Every day, they wake up to their garden, not to an empty net.

From: Roger Hamilton, Your Life – Your Legacy. » News » Wealth Creators … grow a garden !

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