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Could you kindly introduce briefly ChinTao Life Science to our readers?

“Chintao Life Science” came to live, to help both healthy  people as well as patients understand the amazing difference  it makes for the  mind, spirit and body, when the organism is perfectly balanced. Chintao  was created in order to spread true Tonic herbalism and to provide those  who find the system appealing the opportunity to achieve radiant health.

Whats the philosophy of ChinTao Life Science? Does the name of  ChinTao have the special meaning for you or something else?

Chintao Life Science is an ancient holistic healing system treating  the mind, body and spirit as one entity to ensure total harmony and  wellbeing.

As appreciation for my teacher Mr. Rhudy Chin I have chosen his name  “Chin” and “Tao” means following his path.

“Life Science” means that the learning is a never ending process

Can you give us an example to show how ChinTao therapies work on patient or help people to be healthier?

Threatening  diseases ranging from chronic stress syndrome to cancer  can be prevented and neutralized with the right healing techniques. “

ChinTao” therapy is a combination of Iridology and Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) promoting the blood circulation, regulating the immune  system, enhancing cellular health and improving detoxification.

We also are aware that most people need information in order to reach  good, well overthought and motivated decisions, especially on a subject as important as their health.

How did your patients or guests think about ChinTao therapies?
In which area ChinTao therapies are much more popular, west or east society?
How do you plan to popularize it?

As for many years I have treated many people with Chintao therapies around the world so I would not say that there’s a difference between west or east. By giving the patient full knowledge of the treatment and therapies they feel very confutable with the process and after regaining  full energy they will  use the tonic herbs as a daily food supplement to maintain their health.

In modern society, there are not many people expertise in the traditional Chinese herbal medicine. How did you get on the path of TCM,  especially the herbal medicine?

As there’s a very big difference between the eastern and western  philosophy and approach I was very quickly interested in the Eastern TCM, I have felt  from the beginning very confutable and taught it was quite logic to give  the body what it needs to rebuilt itself with natural tonic herbs. My focus was always “better to prevent than cure the disease”.

 How do you value the effects of spa treatment? Do you think your ChinTao therapies can combine with spa treatment to regain more energy?

I am sure that the Chintao Therapies could be very beneficial in combination with Spa treatments. When the body is in balance it will  benefit much more the spa treatments than it is in bad shape. When the  “Qi” is blocked the body becomes ill, whereas when the “Qi” is balanced,  individuals achieve a relaxed harmonious state.

As we know, the herbal substances are so rare and they are always only available in deep forest or mountains, how do you get them? Is it dangerous or can you share us with a story impressed you?

We leave no stone unturned to obtain premium grade herbs like Lingzhi ( genoderma lucidum) , Tienchi ( pseudo radix ginseng ), PSP ( Yun Zhi) and many  others. Every one of our premium tonic herbs has been the target of an intensive hunt. I have spent many years living in Asia going from province to province, valley to valley and laboratory to laboratory finding the herbs that yield the most health benefits when consumed.

Can you explain more details about the Radiant Health you always mentioned? How can we achieve the Radiant Health by ChinTao therapies?

Radiant health is defined in the Orient as health beyond danger. By  understanding the body and using the wright tools as  Chinese Tonic  herbs or also called the Superior herbs your body can regain full energy.

Why do you have so much confidence on TCM? What do you think of the different between ancient Chinese wisdom, superior herbal tonics and ancient western technique on body health?

With a history of 2000 to 3000 years, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness.

The TCM approach is fundamentally different from that of western medicine. In TCM, the understanding of the human body is based on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Daoism, and the treatment of illness is based primarily on the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes.

The ancient wisdom of Chinese superior herbs and tonic herbalism is based on the premise that it is possible to attain a state of health, known as radiant health, through the consumption of superior Chinese tonic herbs and ancient wisdom.

A balance of the various facets of one’s existence is necessary, and changes in diet and lifestyle are easier to attain but the desire and ability of the individual to alter bad habits are difficult. Can you give some professional advice on this according to TCM or tonic herbals?

Circulation is the main key for a good health so by helping the body to purify itself on a daily base with for example drinking Pu’r tea, your body can reduce body waist and toxins more easily. Lingzhi, “king of health foods” has amazing medicinal properties which collectively strengthens the immune system and gives the user longevity!

What are your suggestions for people with fast-pace lifestyles to minimize and manage stress? Dose tonic herbals can help us to make up for insufficient sleep? How does it work?

It’s all about balance, your body needs stability, If you take something from your body you have to give something else back. Most of the people do not understand the needs of their body and abuse it until the body collapse.  “It is always best to build a stronger healthier system prior to having a problem rather than waiting for disharmony or illness to set in.”

What’s the advantage of ChinTao Life Science towards modern medicine? Do you think it is mature enough? Why?

Going back to the base and understanding the body and its needs is an important issue.  As we need a holistic approach, we need the mind, spirit and body to be in perfect balance. The modern medicine is based on symptoms and not the source of the disease, it treats not the full body but separate the organs as individual mechanisms.

What’s the inspiration of your unique ideas and creations on this wonderful industry? Is it what you really want? What changes in your life brought by your career and study?

I experienced since I was young in Belgium many mistakes in diagnoses and treatments with friends and family and I felt very uncomfortable with the western medicine and their proceedings. As my understanding of the body and its needs I felt very comfortable with the eastern philosophy and his natural products to maintain a harmonious state of dynamic equilibrium.

Are you planning any new projects or healthy programs?

As I very much appreciate the Brilliant group strategy and philosophy, we are going to build the most balanced projects for wellbeing of the people worldwide.

What do you do in your spare time?

As I am working and traveling all the time, I am using my time to learn, enjoy and experiencing the wonders of the world.

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