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Mr. Arne Langaskens

Medical Counselor Arne Langaskens is a leading expert in Chinese herbal medicine and Life Sciences and is the visionary leader behind the creation of ChinTao Life Science, ChinTao Garden, Chial ltd., Atomic 8 & Chial 8.

At 55 years of age, he has extensive and multi-dimensional experience that has contributed to his success as one of the premier providers of ChinTao Live Science & Chial therapies to people around the world.

After beginning his career in Europe, Mr. Arne Langaskens moved to Asia and studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Malaysia, HK and China. In recent years, he has treated a number of well recognized influencers, exclusive high net worth families, politicians and businessmen using his proprietary ChinTao Live Science therapies, diagnosis and superior tonic herbal products.

His unique ideas and creations have made him well known as respected adviser, designer and practitioner of unique Life Sciences.

As the CEO & creator of Chial 8 has been a powerful translator of Eastern philosophy and health care techniques to hundreds of Westerners. Arne’s reputation in health care is based on his experience as a practicing herbalist and on his passion for obtaining and producing the highest quality herbs and herbal products to promote Radiant Health.

He has altered the lives of thousands of people by providing them with a new set of amazing mental, spiritual and nutritional tools.

Mr. Arne Langaskens was named to the Advisory Board of the 15th World Congress of Pharmacology, Beijing.

The Advisory Board was charged with developing a Working Group that would design, outline, and apply for the Pharmacology of Natural Products status under the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR).

As the Board’s first member, Mr. Langaskens played a pivotal role with the Working Group and was also responsible for bestowing three Awards for excellence, to be presented under the ChinTao Life Science Award name at the World Congress in July 2006.

“From 2004 to 2006, Arne Langaskens was Special Advisor to Professor Paul M. Vanhoutte, then President of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology [IUPHAR] for matters related to the pharmacology of Natural Products. During the World Congress of Pharmacology, held in Beijing in 2006, AL sponsored a Young Investigator Award for the best presentation concerning that pharmacology.

“Arne’s understanding of the world, his global vision, and his ability to be unique allow him to quickly assimilate vast amounts of information and turn them into commerce worldwide.

Today, Mr. Arne Langaskens is still working and traveling as a private counselor for TCM and ChinTao Life Science treatments. His recognition is from mouth to mouth success stories !