Chi8 by LA

Portable Liquid Oxygen

Chi8 by CHIAL is an easy portable Liquid oxygen solution that is quickly becoming a part of people’s daily health habits against air pollution and increasing lifestyle and skin related diseases.

Its unique formula makes it a revolutionary product that is beneficial and remedial towards all types of skin-related issues across our bodies. CHI8 is a lifestyle product that is also used for skin prevention and day to day skincare!

CHI8 Portable Liquid Oxygen Spray is often used on the face where the oxygen’s properties clean the pores of your skin and hydrate your skin cells whilst our other specifically chosen natural extracts work to heal and additionally support. CHI8 also acts as anti-fungal and antibacterial which is essential for fast wound healing, protection, and prevention against skin related diseases.

The 60ml bottle diffuser delivers oxygen on the face as an energy boost, cell regeneration, or moisturizer or occasionally orally to kill anaerobic bacteria and leave fresh breath.

CHI8 Portable Liquid Oxygen Spray can be applied to wounds or food for disinfection.

The 60ml bottle allows about 420 sprays or about 1.5 month of usage.